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10 Profit Producing Actions That Will Crush Procrastination

Procrastination affects all of us in some way or another, and we learn to create enough logic that we can delay any task at hand. Some of us can delay the task indefinitely, but in order to be successfulAi??you have to be willing to increase and improve your mindset. In this article I’m going to share the 10 profit producing, fear demolishing, procrastination crushing, action taking affirmations to absolutely guarantee success when it comes to kicking procrastination.

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Affirmation #1 – I am Achieving New Results Simply Because My New Actions Guarantee It First, you must know where you want to go and what goals you want to achieve in your life. Then, you can commit to taking powerful, NEW daily action steps that will catapult you toward the achievement of those goals and dreams. While goal setting is awesome, it has to be backed up by your daily action steps to produce the results that you desire.

Affirmation #2 – I Honor My Why and My Word Daily Honor is defined as respect and held in high esteem. It’s also defined as honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions. When you honor your Why (ultimate goal in life) and take daily action steps to get to the next level, I guarantee that you will achieve your goals and dreams. Honoring your Why means that you respect where you are going in life and what you are going to accomplish. Similarly, honoring your word simply means that you respect what you tell others and you do what you say you are going to do. You will distinguish yourself as a person of honesty, fairness, and integrity.

Affirmation #3 – Preparation and Dedication Are What My Actions Represent Daily Are you truly dedicated to achieving the results that you want in your life? If so, then you are willing to pay the price and do whatever it takes, whenever it takes to achieve those results. This type of rock-solid dedication goes hand in hand with preparation. You must be prepared in every aspect of your life so that you are ready to go to the next level. Preparation means that you are scheduled and organized, which will enable you to be ready to take action at any moment to produce record-breaking results.

Affirmation #4 – I am Standing Strong in the Face of Adversity to Strengthen My Foundation No one likes adversity, but it is guaranteed in our lives. Most people make the decision to run away from adversity and hide just hoping it will go away only to find out that it’s still there. Commit today to stand strong in the face of adversity and run towards it. Don’t wait for it to take you out! Fight for your goals and dreams! It won’t be easy, but standing strong will strengthen your foundation of your life. It will also prepare you for other battles against adversity and give you the confidence to keep going and never give up.

Affirmation #5 – I Accept Challenges to Develop My Bulletproof Commitment When someone challenges us, most of the time we don’t like it. Most people won’t accept challenges, because they know that they will have to put forth the effort to do something that they wouldn’t normally do. Inside the word “challenge” is “change.” Challenges bring radical change in our lives, but we’ve got to be willing to accept challenges. The more challenges you accept, the more you cement your commitment to your goals and dreams. Commit today to accept challenges to radically change your life!

Affirmation #6 – I am Walking Strong in the Atmosphere of Confidence as I Achieve My Why It’s nearly impossible to achieve your goals and generate the results that you want if you don’t believe in yourself and your ability to achieve massive success. Commit to building your confidence by saying your affirmations and immersing yourself in positive teachings (books, CDs, DVDs, MP3s, etc); This confidence will motivate you to hold your head up and walk strong. You will create an atmosphere of confidence that others will notice. You will be empowered to forge forward toward the achievement of your Why in life.

Affirmation #7 – I am Accountable for My Daily Actions Who are you accountable to? Not just yourself! That’s just a one-way street. While being accountable to yourself is awesome and a great start, commit to being accountable to someone else who will tell you what you need to hear, when you need to hear it, no matter if you want to hear it. This person should empower you to be better and offer constructive criticism. However, you must also be open to receiving the feedback. Commit today order periactin, buy dapoxetine online. to be accountable for your daily actions!

Affirmation #8 – Determination is My Middle Name! Can you imagine saying that out loud every day? It’s a powerful affirmation that signifies your determination to achieve your goals and dreams. It’s so important that you consider it part of who you are, and you want everyone to know it. Say it out loud right now. Determination is MY Middle Name!

Affirmation #9 – You Better Not Challenge My Commitment or Else!Ai??There will be people in your life that try to discourage you from going after your goals and dreams. It’s the inevitable! However, it’s more important how you handle these naysayers than what they actually say. You have to let them know that they better not challenge your commitment or else they will feel the power of your Why in life. No, not physically! But be willing to stand up for your commitment. If you don’t, then who will?

Affirmation #10 – I am Building a Life-Long, Strategic Plan of Action to Accomplish My Mission Ai??You must be constantly building your life-long, strategic plan of action to accomplish your mission in life. Too many people flip flop from being committed one day to completely unfocused the next. You will never achieve your goals and dreams with that mindset. Commit to building your plan of action and taking daily action steps toward the achievement of your goals and dreams.Ai??

Once you develop your plan of action and take daily action steps to achieve your goals and dreams, commit to standing strong and following this plan for five years. Yes, five years! Success is a 2 to 5-year process not a 2 to 5-hour process. There are no shortcuts! You are worth the commitment!

Remember surrounding yourself with other like-minded champions will create radical momentum in your life.Ai??You can’t do it alone! Commit yourself so that you can immerse in powerful teachings and build a Mastermind Team of Champions that support you unconditionally by clicking here.

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John Di Lemme

John Di Lemme is the founder of Di Lemme Development Group, Inc., a company known for its passion to teach others how to live a champion life despite the label that society may have placed on them. He has changed lives around the globe as an international, elite speaker and has spoken in over five hundred venues.Ai?? Over the past fifteen years, he has shared the stage with the best of the best including Rich Devos, Denis Waitley, Jim Rohn, Dr. John Maxwell, and Les Brown only to name a few. buy canadian cialis by paypal.