Billionaires Pouring Their Money Into Gold Mining Companies


Dear Investor,

Some of the biggest gold mining companies in the country have seen share prices more than double in the first half of 2016.

Some say this is a short term bounce and that gold actually peaked in September 2011.A� But with the dollar rising so far this year (Thanks Janet Yellen) gold prices could go much higher.

One thing is for certain, many well-known billionaires are pouring money into gold.

Take George Soros for instance who just a few months ago invested close to a half-million dollars into a company called Barrick Gold (ABX) and doubled his money this year.

Junior Gold Mining stocks seem to be everybodya��s favorite as the cost of producing and pulling an ounce of gold out of the ground, or mountain side has fallen by about a third from where it was just four years ago.

These companies are really the bulwarks of the sector doing all the grunt work and supplying the initial financial backing to explore, scope out and eventually discover the gold.

Soon after the larger companies come in and work out a deal with them to mine the gold or even buy them out. Many times at a huge premium to what their stocks are worth.

What Weiss Researcha��s Larry Edleson is Saying About Gold

One of the foremost experts on gold, Weiss Researcha��s Larry Edelson, feels that we will soon be entering the next great bull market in precious metals.

Hea��s keeping a close eye out for the next buy signal as gold settles back down after a ferocious first quarter rally.

Larrya��s been following and investing in gold for 39 years and feels it is very possible for gold to hit $5,000 an ounce by next October.

Ita��s because of the massive gains out there to be made in mining stocks that I recommend you check out Larrya��s ULTIMATE Gold and Silver Trading Course.

Ita��s one of the best ways I know of to prepare for the looming bottom in golda��and eventual bull market profits Larry says is coming soon.

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Nick Moccia
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