British Exit and The Impact It Has On Soccer

Kathy Lien - Weiss Educational Reources Contributor

One of the greatest myths in the sporting world is that Americans donai??i??t love soccer. Itai??i??s true that we donai??i??t watch ai???European footballai??? as much as American football, but soccer is the second most popular youth sport in America, behind basketball and well ahead of baseball or football. Ai??European-Soccer

For youth participation in Soccer, the U.S. is #1 and among girls, there are more registered players than all other countries combined – so Americans DO love soccer particularly during World Cup years.

And if you love the game, you may be interested to know that Brexit (Britainai??i??s potential exit from the European Union) could have major consequences for not only the U.K. economy and its currency, but also for the whole sport of soccer.

Some of the most popular players would no longer qualify for work permits to play for British teams, which could open the teams up to major shuffling. Under current arrangements, players with an EU passport are now free to play for any team and leaving the European Union would mean tighter freedom-of movement restrictions if the visa rules for non-EU players were applied across the board.

paroxetine online, dapoxetine without prescription. england-soccer-teamThis means up to two thirds of European stars in England would lose the right to play in the U.K. and require visas along with special work permits. As much as 200 Premier League players would be affected which could really change the makeup of the teams and disadvantage British clubs.

The teams with the greatest threats would be Newcastle United, Swansea City, Aston Villa, Watford and Sunderland. Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool have 5 players that could be affected while Chelsea has only 3.

According to the U.K. paper Guardian,Ai??Sunderland would have no goalkeepers left, while Swansea would be reduced to just one attacking player. Newcastle would lose six midfielders.

Among those European players who would not meet the criteria to get a work visa automatically are Chelseaai??i??s Kurt Zouma and CAi??sar Azpilicueta; Arsenalai??i??s HAi??ctor BellerAi??n and Francis Coquelin; Manchester Unitedai??i??s David de Gea, Juan Mata, Morgan Schneiderlin and Anthony Martial; Manchester Cityai??i??s Eliaquim Mangala, JesA?s Navas and Samir Nasri; Liverpoolai??i??s Simon Mignolet; Newcastleai??i??s Tim Krul; Aston Villaai??i??s Charles Nai??i??Zogbia; and West Hamai??i??s Dimitri Payet.brexit

Brexit could also change the sport and affect fans by increasing the cost to travel for away games.Ai?? Not only could flights become more expensive but payments for visas may be required.Ai?? Soccer is the most popular sport in England so donai??i??t be surprised if it is used as a political weapon ahead of the June referendum.

ClubMapThe stay campaign could frighten the countryai??i??s passionate soccer fans by appealing to their fear of losing key players and motivate some of those on the fence about the referendum to come out and vote against leaving the European Union.

With 2 months to go before the referendum, polls still show a nearly 50-50 chance of the country remaining within the E.U. As warned by the Bank of England this month, Brexit creates significant near term consequences for the U.K. economy, and will undoubtedly translate into weakness for the currency.

However, for soccer fans, the decision to stay or leave the European Union can also have significant consequences for the sport.

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