Buffett Buying More Apple Shares?


For decades Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B) has shunned investing in tech companies (other than notable investment in IBM) or any company that he doesnai??i??t ai???understand.ai???

But it was revealed earlier today in a new regulatory filing that Berkshire Hathaway owned a little more than $1.07 billion in Apple shares.

Has Buffett changed his stripes?Ai??Not likely

Donai??i??t expect a mad dash into new technology shares by the Oracle of Omaha anytime soon despite this new revelation and the latest story about him making a bid for Yahoo assets.

As for his stake in Apple, itai??i??s a typical Buffett move taking a stake in a global dominating brand, whose shares have recently gone on sale. Shares of Apple are down about 32% since hitting itai??i??s 12-month high of 132.97 last July.

And his recent headlines concerning Yahoo seem to have the fingerprints of his management deputies Todd Combs and Ted Weschler all over it.

Buffett recently told CNBC, ai???Yahoo is not the type of thing Iai??i??d ever be an equity partner in.Ai?? I donai??i??t know the business and wouldnai??i??t know how to evaluate itai??i??ai???

Buffett also acknowledged in the same interview that he has lost money in stocks heai??i??s owned plenty of times.Ai?? Shares of IBM owned by Buffett have fallen more than 20% over the past five years while the market has risen about 71% during this time.

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