Cutting Edge Binary Strategies

This is a 3-MONTH, college-level curriculum of training with Abe Cofnas called Cutting Edge Binary Strategies.Ai??This innovative training course on how to trade binary options will take you from a rank rookie binary trader, to a world-class, confident trader. You’ll gain ultra-valuable knowledge on binary options trading strategies that only a handful of traders on the planet understand. Abe Cofnas will help you establish a binary options trading strategy that works for you!

With Abeai??i??s specialized Cutting Edge Binary Strategies training, youai??i??ll discover …

  • How ANYONE can easily become a successful binary options trader this week. Open an account in five minutes and put the trading strategies Abe will teach you to work with as little as $100.
  • Why you will learn to WELCOME financial and other global crises like earthquakes, insane governmental decisions, turmoil in the Mideast … even the Ebola crisis … since they typically represent easy money in your bank.
  • How you could make more money in the first 15 minutes of trading Monday morning than most doctors probably make all week.
  • How no matter what your profession … doctor, engineer, martial artist … and especially a housewife and mother … you can use the innate skills you already have to make a killing as a binary trader!
  • How to use the ai???Balance of Fearsai??? to make money in the markets, each and every week.
  • … Ai??and much, much more.


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Module 1: The Foundations of Binary Options
Module 2: How to Trade Binary Options
Module 3: Superstar Binary Options Trading Strategies
Module 4: How to Identify the Correct Underlying Contract in Trading Binary Options
Module 5: How to Master the Binary Options Trading Price Patterns That Can Make You A Fortune!
Module 6: How to Create a Risk Management Plan
Module 7: How to Diagnose Your Performance ai??i?? Creating Your Own Performance Scorecard
Module 8: Getting Started ai??i?? Creating Your Trading Action Plan

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Abe Cofnas
Abe CofnasAbe is President of Quick Silver Concepts Inc. – Designing Trading Algorithms Sentiment Algorithms for Trading Markets. Quick Silver Concepts generates trading alerts for the Binary Strategy Fund One recently created in Florida.

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Testimonial: Happy Holidays, Abe! Just a short note to thank you for all of your training this year. I ended 2014 with 180.4% profit and look forward to 2015 with excitement to continue my trading and learning! Hope your 2015 is healthy and prosperous!

-Darlene N.

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