Frequently Asked Questions

What type of personal investment courses do you offer?

We offer courses that can range from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced. We are offering different genres like Stocks, Options, ETF’s, Natural Resources and Precious Metals, along with a new concept called Binary Options.

Do you offer any free courses?

We offer free webinars to aid subscribers in the decision process when they are looking for the right investment vehicle. We also offer our free three-minute videos on trading and investments.

How often are the classes offered?

Most live coaching courses are offered once a week. The multi-module courses can be viewed on demand.

Do the instructors have “office hours”?

There are no office hours but there is an editor’s mail bag for each instructor.

What is the difference between your Module Courses and your Live Coaching Courses?

Module courses are on demand and Live Coaching courses are offered live at a specified time on a certain day.

Do you offer courses near my home?

All of our courses are offered over the internet.

Are there pre-requisites for any of the courses?

The only pre-requisite is to have an interest in increasing your investment knowledge, which will in turn increase your investment dollars.

What is the experience of the Weiss Educational Services Instructors?

All of our instructors have 10 plus years in the industry.

What benefits are afforded graduates of Weiss Educational Services courses?

Once you have completed one the Weiss courses you can view the course again and again. You can and should share them with your family to make sure that you are leaving a legacy of knowledge to them. In addition, all students that have completed a course, can enroll into their next course with a special discount upon request.