How to Confidently Build Wealth With Currencies


Trading currencies allows you the opportunity to make money…big money…no matter what the stock market is doing. It can make you money even if EVERY equity market on the planet suddenly crashed and burned.

That’s because currencies provide you with the ULTIMATE in simplicity. Picking the right stock out of some 40,000 on the New York Stock Exchange can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But when trading currencies, you only need to consider eight major currencies:

The U.S. dollar … the euro … the British pound … the Japanese yen … the Swiss franc … and the New Zealand, Australian and Canadian dollar.

It’s the largest and most liquid market in the world with more than $5 trillion trading hands every single day. This massive liquidity makes it easier for you to get in and out of the market at or near your target prices.

Currencies also give you the power to multiply your money 20 times over—maybe more—all in a matter of a few weeks or less.

Editor’s Note:  Master the basics of currency trading, simply and easily.

Four Simple Rules That Help Us Win 81% of the Time

In 2015 we won more than 81% of our trades following four simple rules.

RULE #1: To multiply the chances of success on each trade, we always pair the strongest currencies against the weakest. 

The best currencies to buy (or to “go long”) represent strong economies.

So, we look for countries whose economic prospects are improving with economic data beating expectations and a central bank that is ideally in the process of or looking to raise interest rates.

Conversely, the best currencies to sell (or to “short”) represent weakening economies.

So, we look for countries that are struggling because of weak export activity, domestic troubles, political uncertainties or other significant reasons that would require the central bank to print money or slash interest rates.

Pairing strong with weak gives you not just one, but THREE ways you could make money:

If the strong currency rises but the weak currency goes nowhere, you could make money …

If the weak currency falls in value but the strong currency goes nowhere, you could make money …

And if the strong currency rises and the weak currency falls, you could make even more money!

RULE #2: To help get the TIMING right — and to make more money faster — we rely heavily on the economic calendar.

Just as earnings reports make stocks move, economic reports are the catalysts that make currencies move.

Strong GDP growth, unemployment, and retail sales reports often send the dollar spiraling higher, for example. So do announcements of interest rate hikes.

And of course, weak reports — or announcements of interest rate cuts (like those we’ve been seeing out of Europe lately) tend to do just the opposite.

That’s why we have developed proprietary tools to help us identify upcoming reports that are likely to surprise the markets — and we USE those reports to select the trades we feel are most likely to be profitable.

Editor’s Note:  Trade currencies like a pro…five easy lessons.

RULE #3: To buy and sell at the most advantageous prices, we watch the charts like a pair of hungry hawks.

The last thing you want to do is to buy a currency near a resistance level — it’s like a glass ceiling that could trigger a retreat.

Nor do you want to sell just above significant support — support levels can trigger rallies and missing them could prove costly for you.

That’s why we use technical analysis to help identify the trading ranges for each position — it’s the only way we know to buy low and sell high!

RULE #4: To stay safer, we always use prudent and powerful risk management techniques. 

Using limit orders and stop-losses on each trade is more than just prudent: It is absolutely crucial for helping to limit risk of loss and maximize profit potential.

That’s why we always use an easy-to-follow risk management strategy with every trade we recommend.

Will all of our techniques eliminate all your risk or guarantee success?

Absolutely not! Look, with any trading strategy there is going to be risk of loss. Plus, leverage cuts both ways: It can also amplify your losses.

But here’s what we can promise — we are going to do everything in our power to help you master the basics of currency trading AND reap the huge profit potential that this market offers.

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