Live Trading Demonstration Inspires Beginners Into Action

mesh-twitter3Ai??Just this week, I was invited to speak on an expert panel during an all day webinar event in front of hundreds of beginner traders. Normally during events like this, you make a power point and teach a specific strategy.

The first person went and read from their powerpoint.

The second person went and read from their powerpoint.

Then it was my turn.

Fed Hike 2015I had my powerpoint up and I was about to click on it but then something changed. You see it was Wednesday December 16th, and my webinar was scheduled forAi??2pmAi??eastern, the exact same time as the long awaited Fed meeting!

I did not want to miss this opportunity to trade… but I also didnai??i??t want to let down the hundreds of people in attendance.

So I gave them a choice.

Option 1: I can continue with the education as planned.

Option 2: I can open my account and trade live with them watching and discuss the play by play.

The crowd went nuts, all in favor of option 2 because they have heard a lot of people speak… but they hadAi??never seen someone take action.

As the announcement came out I revealed my plan.

My very first plan came from this book.Ai??

It was not to predict the marketai??i??s reaction…but to react quickly to what it was doing.

As it soared higher, I told them I was not going to chase. Instead, I was going to wait for an opportunity to take advantage on a reversal of directions.

If you are going to trade the market, you want to make sure you use a market stock. (Thereai??i??s nothing worse than being right on direction but wrong because the stock does itai??i??s own thing)

netflix-inc-stock-price-target-raised-by-145-at-raymond-james-518957I chose NFLX because I knew it would reward me for being right. It was trading at 118.50 when the announcement was made and had already shot up to 119.65. I brought up a chart and showed them how 120 was a significant level of resistance.

The plan was to stay out off the way as it crossed through 120 and sell if it went back below. Up, up it went until 120.75. Now this is important – I didnai??i??t sell at 120.75 because that would be ai???guessingai??? the top. Instead I waited until it came back down to my 120 level.

At that point I sold short NFLX. Five minutes later, I covered the trade for a five hundred dollar gainAi??in ten minutes.

Everyone was so happy. Finally, someone actually proved it to them.

Now, for me, this was more of an isolated event. I donai??i??t really enjoy intra-day trading any more.Ai??I actually have more success and a better lifestyle by making trades that can last weeks or months. That said, the concepts are still the same.

1. Donai??i??t try to predict where the market is going.

2. Donai??i??t sell tops.

3. Donai??i??t buy bottoms.

Instead, react quickly when the momentum starts going your way. Even though 120.75 was a better price to sell NFLX at that time, selling at 120 was a better trade because I had momentum on my side. I was out with a profit before NFLX went to 122 later that day. That could have easily happened the first time around.

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Understanding momentum is essential not just to the day traders but too the people like you and I now – those that are in it for days, weeks, or months. When you start right, you have a better chance of success.

Having just come off a pretty cool live demonstration, I feel confident telling you to start withAi?? lasix sale. this.

Thanks for checking this out and I look forward to seeing where this takes you.

All the Best,

Adam Mesh

P.S. There is only one book, I have read more than once and it is still, to this day,Ai??the greatest trading book ever written.Ai??You can get it here!

Adam Mesh is CEO and Founder of The Adam Mesh Trading Group. For the past 18 years he has coached thousands of students to all levels of success in trading. He is also creator of the revolutionaryAi??Advance Beginner’s Guide