How to Bottom Fish Like a Pro

This is a full 7-week, university-level course of training that take you from a rank bottom-fishing rookie all the way to a knowledgeable, experienced trader … with the total confidence of banking potential massive returns from catching these bottom-fish stocks and ETFs just as they launch back into the stratosphere after being flat-lined for months. With this 7-week course, you will learn some of the best ways to invest, which stocks to take chances on, and which ones to pass up. Learn how to invest in stocks in the smartest manner possible with the help of Weiss Education Services.


Session 1: Bottom-Fishing: Strategy Overview & How It Earns You Profits
Session 2: Explore Catalysts That Push Stocks & Sectors into Downtrends
Session 3: Wait for It: How to Spot Strong Reversal Candidates in the Making
Session 4: Friends in Low Bases: How to Recognize Key Trend Reversal Signals
Session 5: Identify Three “Quick Check” Fundamentals that Baits the “Smart Money”
Session 6: Hook the Big Ones! Set-Up for Short-Term (Intraday/Swing) Trades
Session 7: Hook the Big Ones! Set-Up for Longer-Term (Swing/Trend) Trades

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Toni Turner
Toni TurnerToni Turner, President of TrendStar Group, LLC, is an accomplished technical analyst as well as a popular educator and sought-after speaker in the financial arena.

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