How to Pile Up Profits from the Greatest Interest Rate Cycle in 5,000 Years

Rising interest rates are the most powerful force on Wall Street, in the U.S. economy, and in YOUR home.

They impact virtually EVERY part of your investments, and personal finances.  But most investors have no clue how much they impact their lives, let alone how they can profit from them.

In this groundbreaking five-part course, Weiss Ratings Senior Analyst Mike Larson shows you everything you need to know about how to profit from the greatest interest rate cycle in 5,000 years, including details on …

  • How you can double or even triple the interest you make on money market funds, savings accounts and CDs. By following the tips in my course, you could earn as much as 1%, 2%, even 3% or more on these ultra-safe savings accounts … at a time when the rest of the country isn’t even earning 0.5%!
  • A handful of specialized ETFs … which you can buy in any brokerage account … that are tailor-made to cash in on the rising interest rate environment ahead. One spun off a 93% gain from rising bond prices in 2014 … while another could have left you with a 71% gain, in five months, from the recent 19% drop in bond prices!
  • Several popular categories of rate-sensitive stocks like utilities that are blowing up investor portfolios … but this one overlooked group is firing on all cylinders. The AVERAGE stock in this industry recently yielded more than 8%, and delivered 1-year returns of more than 37%!
  • 12 simple techniques that could help you save, or make, TENS OF THOUSANDS more dollars on your real estate, mortgages, auto and home equity loans, and credit cards. The tips I share in this course helped me save around $150 per month on my own mortgage … and as much as $54,000 in interest charges!
  • The four Deadliest Risks in today’s changing rate environment — and how to avoid them. Ignore these, and they could torpedo your portfolio
  • The five Mainstream Myths about interest rates that have fooled unprepared investors for a long time, and which are even more dangerous now that the Fed is raising rates for the first time in almost a decade
  • The six Powerful Forces that drive interest rates up and down … and the seven completely free reports that you can use to predict their next major moves
  • Four more-aggressive ways to profit from rising interest rates — from my favorite leveraged ETFs to futures options

And much, much more!

You also receive a special report called “My Five Favorite Interest Rate Investments for 2017 and Beyond”. It contains specific recommendations on how to profit from this interest rate cycle, and four quarterly updates over the course of the next year to keep you updated on their progress.


Session 1: Getting Started: What You Need to Know About How Bonds Work. Plus: Four Deadly Risks and Five Mainstream Myths About Interest Rate Investing
Session 2: Four Ways to Get Started on the Path to Interest Rate Profits
Session 3: Your Interest Rate “Master Class”: Four Sophisticated Strategies for Generating Large Profits from Bonds!
Session 4: Getting the Timing Right: How to Determine Where Interest Rates are Headed – and Which Investments to Buy When
Session 5: How to Save THOUSANDS Putting Your Interest Rate Knowledge to Work in Your Personal Finances

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Mike Larson

Mike LarsonMike joined Weiss in 2001. In the ensuring 16 years, he has served as a senior analyst, editor, and writer for Money and Markets, Safe Money Report, and Weiss Ratings.

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