The Buffett and Beyond Stock Selection Method

Pick Winning Stocks that Outperform the S&P 500 and Warren Buffett—Without Trading

It all started about 17 years ago, when an engineer named Joseph Belmonte was working on his MBA degree, and discovered a little-known Wall Street loophole. It’s a loophole that most Wall Street analysts and fund managers have never heard of. And because they overlook it, most professional money managers fail to beat the market over time. But now you can!

In this groundbreaking course, Dr. Joseph Belmonte will show you how to exploit the secret Wall Street loophole used by Buffett to exponentially grow his wealth. You’ll see how Joseph’s model portfolio climbed 329% over the past 13 years compared to just 169% for Buffett, and 139% for the S&P 500….WITHOUT trading or taking on extra risk. He’ll also show you how to use this loophole to discover, buy, and hold winning stocks like Warren Buffett while actually beating his returns!

This online course, The Buffett and Beyond Stock Selection Method, is offered exclusively by Weiss Educational Services, and is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a Quality Assurance Service provider of continuing professional education credits for accountants … and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

Online Course Modules

Introduction: Learn How to Discover, Buy, and Hold Stocks Like Warren Buffett
Module 1: Clean Surplus Stock Selection Method
Module 2: The Published Research – The Power of Clean Surplus
Module 3: Return on Equity – Why Wall Street Experts Are Using the Wrong ROE
Module 4: Putting Together Your All-Star Growth Portfolio
Module 5: Investing the Right Way – How Buffett Uses CS ROE to Buy Low and Sell High
Bonus Module 1: All About Risk
Bonus Module 2: Protecting Your Overall Portfolio During Market Declines

In Addition to the 5 Online Modules and 2 Bonus Modules You’ll Also Get:

  • A FREE 4-week trial subscription to the Buffett and Beyond Computer Program with over 1,800 stocks in the database. Let’s you choose your own winning stocks based on the Wall Street loophole.
  • A FREE 4-week trial subscription to the Buffett and Beyond Weekly Video Newsletter where you’ll get regular tips on how to use the computer program to pick winning stocks.
  • Workbooks for each module that you can print out. Makes it easy to take notes and follow along.
  • A White Paper which served as the basis for the original Buffett and Beyond self-study Course, a 328-page fact filled briefing providing more than 20 years of proof showing how this Wall Street loophole reliably picks winning stocks
  • The complete list of stocks currently in the Buffett and Beyond Growth Portfolio and the Dividend Growth and Income Portfolio
  • A FREE special report summarizing all of the stocks Joseph has analyzed since Jan. 2011. See up close and personal how Joseph uses the Wall Street loophole to create a wealth-building portfolio to beat Buffett.
  • PLUS, exclusive access to webinars and podcasts where you’ll hear from Dr. Belmonte on the latest stocks he is comparing and more.

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Joseph Belmonte
Joseph BelmonteJoseph Belmonte, Doctor of Business Administration: with a specialty in finance, is a renowned investment strategist and market thinker. He is author of the best-selling book, “Buffett and Beyond.”

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The Buffett and Beyond Stock Selection Course comes with a 100%, No-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee for the First 30-Days!

Take your time to review all seven modules of the Buffett and Beyond Course. Try the Computer Program, and the Weekly Video newsletter. Download the complete list of stocks in the two portfolios and read through Dr. Belmonte’s original dissertation and course.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with everything simply let us know within 30 days to get a prompt, 100% refund—no questions asked.

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