Trade Like the Masters

How to Escape Stress and Trade Smarter

In today’s “always on” world, traders pretty much have access to the same market information. Years ago, having more or simply better information was the secret to improving your trading, but today that will no longer give you the extra edge to compete.

But HOW you use that information, process it in your brain, the patterns you can detect, and opportunities you are able to see, are the types of cutting edge skills that can really make a difference in your trading success.

That’s why we are so excited to announce our latest online event by Toni Turner and Diane Alexander called, Trade Like the Masters: How to Escape Stress and Trade Smarter where you will discover:

  • How to eliminate fear and greed and earn consistent trading profits
  • Avoid trading from a fearful mindset that can cost you money
  • How to become more decisive and trade with more confidence
  • Specific responses to reduce anxiety and help you trade better
  • How your reptilian brain can trip you up and lead you to take wrong actions due to impulsive, survival based instincts

Plus, you’ll get specific examples of what the highly respected Navy Seals do in training to ignore and manage primal fears and stay on task under the most-dire, life or death situations.

And much, much more!

Online Course:

Four Recorded Online Sessions with Toni and Diane including …

  1. An Introduction to Whole Brain Trading
  2. How to Hardwire Your Brain for More Profits
  3. Use More of Your Brain
  4. Advanced Brain Techniques for Trading Smarter

In Addition to the Four Recorded Online Sessions You’ll Also Get:

II. Access to Monthly Online Training Sessions where Diane and I answer your questions LIVE every month, and discuss specific trading disciplines, and more.


  1. BONUS #1Your Personal Brain Profile Assessment from Herrmann International, the world’s #1 brain profile company used by 97% of Fortune 500 companies. Discover vital insights on how your brain is "wired," so you’ll know which areas of your brain to retrain, and which you can rev-up even more!
  2. BONUS #2 — How to Read Charts: A favorite of thousands of traders, How to Read Charts contains easy, step-by-step process for reading and evaluating price charts.
  3. BONUS #3 — Boost Your Bandwidth: Our 30-minute per day, stress-calming brain trainer that scientifically teaches your brain how to strategize for gains.
  4. BONUS #4 — Three Vital Steps to a Winning Trading Mindset: My new eBook providing valuable insights on how to properly approach the trading day. Discover three easy but essential mental steps that you can take that will assure you come to the market with a strong, profit-driven mindset every trading day!
  5. BONUS #5 — The Trading Mind (MP4 download). Listen to this powerful, 23-minute session before the market opens and you’ll trade and invest with more confidence, discipline, and insight. Value $29
  6. BONUS #6 — FREE 30-day subscription to MetaStock Charting Program. A 30-day subscription to one of the best trading platforms available, MetaStock.D/C. Plus you’ll receive additional savings if you choose to continue with this program.

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Toni Turner
Toni TurnerToni Turner, President of TrendStar Group, LLC, is an accomplished technical analyst as well as a popular educator and sought-after speaker in the financial arena.

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Trade Like the Masters comes with a 100%, No-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee for the First 14-Days!

Take your time to review the four recorded online sessions, access the monthly online training sessions, and go back and review the bonuses as many times as you’d like.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with everything simply let us know within 14 days to get a prompt, 100% refund—no questions asked.