Profit from the Next Natural Resource Boom in China

Larry Edelson

So, do you want to know how to profit from the next natural resource boom…along Chinaai??i??s new silk road?frale shaking in China

Say ai???natural resources stocksai??? and the average American investor will think only of the big U.S. resources companies. Companies like ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Freeport McMoRan and such.

Nothing wrong with that, but Iai??i??m going to let you in on one of the best-kept secrets I discovered from my recent trip to Western China.

Carajas-strip-mineSome of the hottest natural resources stocks with the biggest growth potential, are pursuing deals with China to help the country utilize the vast untapped natural resources in Western China!

And Beijing is investing more than $1 TRILLION over the next 10 yearsAi??to buildAi??a new Silk Road, further developing the interior, rural areas of the country where over 670 million people reside.

In fact, during my recent trip to China, I discovered that of all the major cities in China, the first one I visited, Chongqing and its surrounding area, is the richest in mineral reserves, including coal, natural gas, manganese, mercury, aluminum and strontium.china coal-fed power stations

And perhaps most exciting of all are the shale gas and oil reserves that are also abundant in the region.

If you have seen the photos of air pollution in Shanghai and other major cities, you know that China has a huge problem with dirty, coal-fed power stations.

Now take a look at this map.

Map of China Natural Resources

The orange area to the right is the Sichuan basin, one of the biggest shale-gas resource areas in the country. For the moment, itai??i??s under-developed. But the Chinese are working with both domestic and foreign companies to extract that gas for their own use.

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But thereai??i??s more to the story of the natural resource boom thatai??i??s about to take off in Western China. After all, as the most populous country in the world with 1.4 billion people! Chinaai??i??s economy remains one of the worldai??i??s most resilient economies.

oil consumptionAnd to this day, China canai??i??t seem to get enough agricultural products: Oil and gas, coal, timber, steel, copper, nickel, aluminum, uranium, gold, silver ai??i?? practically every natural resource imaginable ai??i?? to keep up with its bottomless-pit appetite for consumption.

China gobbles down over 10 million barrels of oil every day.

At the rate its oil demand is increasing, China is on track to consume over 10.5 million this year, 14.4 million by 2025, and 17.5 million barrels by 2035.

china auto ownershipSince 2009, the number of passenger automobiles sold in China has jumped by an average of 23 percent per year. In fact, China has surpassed the United States as the worldai??i??s largest auto market. Whatai??i??s more, as this trend picks up even more steam as Beijing builds out the western portions of the country and the new Silk Road.

It is entirely possible that by 2030, car ownership in China could easily surpass the total number of cars in the U.S.

A-traffic-jam-along-a-mai-007Since 2000, Chinaai??i??s oil production has only grown by 32 percent while energy demand is expected to grow 71 percent more by 2035.

All of this means very simply put, that China needs natural resources like crazy, making the development of Western China and its untapped natural resources a top priority for its leaders.

My Recommendation: Look to China for huge profit potential.

I live in Thailand and also spend a substantial part of my business life traveling across Asia ai??i?? China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore ai??i?? wherever there are exciting investment opportunities in natural resources.

china natural resourcesMy objective is to continually get firsthand information on whatai??i??s going on from face-to-face meetings with high-level government officials and high-ranking corporate executives.

With this on-the-scene perspective, Iai??i??ve hand-picked several hot natural resource and energy prospects that are advantageously positioned to reap significant profits from the build out of Western China.

I canai??i??t name them all; Iai??i??m still vetting many of them. Plus, I canai??i??t give actual buy specifics in these articles. You have to refer to the monthly issues of Real Wealth Report and any flash alerts I release between issues for who the companies are, how to invest in them, when to buy and when to sell.

But the bottom line is simply this: If you want large, sustainable profits in your portfolio, long-term plays that could double, triple and quadruple your money ai??i?? look to China.

Until next time,

Larry Edelson

Larry Edelson is the creator of the ai???Ultimate Gold and Silver Trading Courseai??? and editor of ai???Real Wealth Reportai??? and “Supercycle He also contributes to the Weissai??i?? daily newsletter, ai???Money and