How to Profit From Stock Recommendations


If you’re like many people, than you have probably had to deal with people who offer you advice on what stocksA�to should trade.

Whether it’s friends, co-workers, analysts or even James Cramer himself, undoubtedly, is always in your ear. But that’s okay because they’re not trying to get you to lose your money; in fact, they are usually justA�trying to help.

Right now, you’re probably expecting me to tell you not toA�listen to them.A�You’re probably thinking I’m going to tell you that if you buy a stock that was recommended by someone else, A�that you will lose yourA�money… but your wrong.

I’m going to tell you that if you buy the stock exactly WHEN you hear aboutA�it, that’s when you will probably lose your money.

It’s absolutelyA�okay to listen to what people are saying, and even getA�ideas from them. But t when it’s time to execute, you need to beA�able to determine for yourself, when it is the right time to buy andA�sell.A�{Learn How Using This Book}.

Example: Let’s sayA�a friend at a prestigious hedge fund tells me thatA�his company just put tens of millions into a twenty dollarA�stock., and “they” believe it should be worth at least forty. So, he recommends I get involved.

So far all I did was listen, and that’s okay.

I now evaluate theA�stock on my own and I see it’s trading at 22 and there’s been a lot of resistance at 25.A�If the stock is going to be as great as he says, then I can get in when it clears a major hurdle at 25 and still make veryA�good money. AllA�I’m doing is just waiting for the stock to prove itself to me.

A couple of months later, the stock is trading at 10!A�Now the technical’s are looking good andA�I buy it for the first time.

Not because he told me, to but because he helped get it on my radar and I determined whereA�the good entry point was.

I end up selling the stock at 14 a couple of weeks laterA�4 points or 40%A�in 2 weeks.A�You should have seen the look on my friend’s face when IA�thanked him for the stock and he knew I was being serious!A�(Get Your Trading Edge With This Book}fdvfdgrf

Same thing with upgrades, it doesn’t mean to jump in and buy the stock on impulse.A�It’s just another stock to put on your radar.

The best way to profit from stock recommendations is to addA�the stock to your watch list and execute when the trade andA�the risk/reward make sense to you.

If you are a beginner,A�A�you should get help learning how to trade andA�how to determine what a good trading stock is, and when to trade.

Once you learn how to trade on your own, then you are inA�control and then,A�EVERY idea becomes an opportunity.

Now let’s go make some money!

Kind Regards,

Adam Mesh

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A�Adam Mesh is CEO and Founder of The Adam Mesh Trading Group. For the past 18 years he has coached thousands of students to all levels of success in trading. He is also creator of the revolutionary Full Contact Trading