Should You Own Dunkin Donuts?


You asked aboutAi??Dunkin’ Donuts. Watch this video with a cup of coffee and a nice jelly doughnut or bow tie or glazed something or other.Ai?? Hmmm, but should you buy the stock?

JB pinWatch this short videoAi??to learn why.

Remember, the good stocks should be in your portfolioai??i??the bad stocks should be in someone elseai??i??s portfolioai??i??and the ugly stocks should be in no oneai??i??s portfolio!

Donai??i??t Make This BIG MISTAKE With Your Investmentsai??i??

Just about every money manager uses Return On Equity (ROE) to compare values of different securities.

But thereai??i??s a MAJOR flaw to this methodai??i?? theyai??i??re using the wrong ROE formula in their company evaluations!

Instead, you may want to try using this little-known formula that has been used to beat the S&P 500 and even Warren Buffettai??i??s gainsai??i?? for the past 14 years in a row.

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Joseph Belmonte

Dr. Joseph Belmonte, Doctor of Business Administration: with a specialty in finance, is a renowned investment strategist and market thinker. celebrex online, cheap clomid. He is also creator of the new Buffett and Beyond Stock Selection course produced by Weiss Educational Services.