Taking Control Of Your Option Education

rianieriHi everyone, Ron Ianieri here!

I will be writing an article every month on option education. In my few articles, I have tried to show you the advantages that options have over stock. ( In case you missed them, here they are below):

How Much Money To Spend on Options?

Why I want To Learn About Options

These articles were NOT a matter of opinion or conjecture, but of simple mathematical facts! These are not ai???newai??? facts; they are simply facts that were withheld from you by Wall Street for years. But, over the last several years, Wall Street has shown all of us its true colors; it makes moneyAi??off ofAi??clients like you…not cialis jovenes. celebrex no rx, order clomid. FOR clients like you.

This means that you have to take your investing into your own hands. The problem is, you donai??i??t have the proper knowledge, training or experience necessary to do it right!

That is…until today!

You have obviously made a sound decision by deciding to learn about options. But, from here on out, things get tougher. And the toughest thing that you are going to have to deal with is finding the right person to TEACH options to you!binary-options-mathematician-surprise-equation

I am not kidding! The most difficult thing you need to do in your entire option education experience is choosing your instructor and program.

The reason that I am writing about this is because as we see more and more individual investors starting to manage their own money, we are seeing more and more individual investors moving into optionsai??i??ai??i??.and rightfully so!

The downside, however, is that with more and more individual investors wanting to learn about options, there are more and more option educators emerging to offer classes and instruction on how to trade this very powerful product.

market lossThe problem is that a very high percentage of these so called option experts are exactly thatai??i??ai??i??so called.

To my estimate, about 90% of these guys are nowhere near qualified to be teaching options classes! If you are going to be putting your hard earned money on the line based on knowledge you paid to obtain from someone else, then that someone else better be an expert!

Unfortunately, most of these guys are not. They are just someone who has read a book or two, or who has traded for a year or two on their own.

Let me cite you an example from a very recent situation I was involved in. Without mentioning any names, I was recently asked to interview a potential coaching candidate.

This person claimed to be an expert and had presented to many groups in person and in live webinars. They had also written 3 books on options including one on a specific strategy. Further, they had been a broker with a major institutionAi??for a couple of years. Sounds like an impressive resume. Needless to say, the written test that I gave him resulted in a score of 21ai??i??ai??i??yes, 21 out of 100! confused math wiz

Sound like an expert to you? Yet many people might be swayed to listen to his advice.

Let me give you a little advice on day one. Options are math! They are a form of statistics. They are derivative theory.

So, if an ai???expertai??? makes a statement about options, they must be able to prove it mathematically. If they canai??i??t prove what they say mathematically off the top of their head, then one of two possibilities must be true.

Deflation_cartoon_11.10.2015One, what they said is incorrect. Or two, they donai??i??t understand what they just said. They are simply repeating something they memorized and donai??i??t really know it!

Either way, you have to take what they say with a grain of salt and you must really pay attention to the signs!

Waiting_bear_08.27.2014_largeAt Option Monster Education and Ion Options, Ai??I donai??i??t tolerate this! You know why? Because you deserve to be taught by a realAi??expert …and nothing less!

My goal is to give you the proper knowledge, training or experience necessary to do it right.

Until next time…and if I don’t hear from you until my next article, make sure you have a happy, joyous holiday season.

Ron Ianieri

Ron Ianieri is owner of Ion Options a company he started in 2010. He is also lead instructor at Options Monster Education and editor of the highly successful newsletter ai???The Income Strategistai???. Ron has been trading options for more than 27 years and is also the author of the book ai???Options Theory and Tradingai??? published by John Wiley and Sons. Ai??Currently Ron travels the world teaching investors the same successful Options class he developed during his years on the trading floor.