Ten Simple Yet Highly Productive Attitudes of Self-Made Millionaires

John Photo NewSelf-Made Millionaires have a different attitude about themselves then most. They are constantly moving forward and they stay extremely dedicated. Today I want to introduce you to 10 simple, yet highly productive attitudes you need to think like a self-made millionaire.

Attitude #1 – Forward Moving
Self-Made Millionaires are constantly forward moving. They aren’t focused on their past. Take a look at your life and ask yourself the question, “In what areas of my life can I move forward?” Where are you stuck or just comfortable?
There’s no way that you can get to the next level if you aren’t forward moving. Commit to take a step of faith every single day and move forward towards the achievement of your goals and dreams.

para que sirve el orlistat. millionaire-defaultAttitude #2 – Process
Success is a process, and you must be willing to pay the price for success. I’ve seen many people try to avoid the success process especially the tough parts. Ultimately, they all failed, because there are no shortcuts to success.
The success process prepares you for your future. It strengthens you, gives you self-confidence, and makes you get uncomfortable. Without it, you will not be prepared to take on the massive amount of success that lies ahead of you.
Commit to the going through the success process and enjoying your journey!

Attitude #3 – Expectation
Every single day is a present that you must open with great expectation. Expect that you will achieve miracles. Expect that you will experience record-breaking results.
When you live in an atmosphere of expectation, you are constantly moving forward. Say this out loud, “I expect the greatest years of my life are ahead of me!” Can you imagine saying that every single morning?
That would change your level of expectation instantly. Don’t just sit around wishing that you could achieve your goals and dreams! Commit to an attitude of expectation every single day!

Attitude #4 – Courageous
Courage isn’t the absence of fear, but the ability to dominate that fear with faith to achieve your goals and dreams.
Self-made millionaires are courageous! You must take a stand against the enemy of doubt, procrastination, and fear that is holding you back. Don’t run from your enemy! Just like David ran toward Goliath, you must run toward whatever is holding you back and conquer it.
It takes courage to stand up for what’s right when everyone else is doing the wrong thing. Commit every day to be courageous and fight the enemy of your dreams!

Attitude #5 – Decision Makers
Self-Made Millionaires are decisive! Decision + Action = Results! To achieve the results that you desire, you must make decisions about your success in your life based on your goals and dreams not what everyone else is telling you.
Your life depends on it! It’s much easier to put off those hard decisions instead of taking the action needed to move forward. Don’t take the easy way out, because those hard decisions are only in the background.
They are still there! Commit every day to make decisions and take daily action steps that will ultimate lead to the achievement of your goals and dreams. You are worth it!

Attitude #6 – Warning Signs buy zoloft online cheap, acquire Zoloft.
Self-Made Millionaires don’t ignore warning signs in their lives. They take immediate action to annihilate the problem. If you don’t heed the warning signs, then the enemy will destroy what you’ve worked so hard to build.
Warning signs come in many forms – words, actions, physical signs, or maybe even your own gut instinct. Don’t ignore warning signs about toxic people, habits, things, etc. in your life that could ultimately take you out.
They won’t go away! Things will only get worse. Pay attention to the warning signs and take action to stop whatever is causing problems in your home life and professional life.

Attitude #7 – Commitment
Are you committed to your goals and dreams? No, I mean REALLY committed! Will you do whatever it takes, whenever it takes to achieve your goals and dreams?
Most people won’t be inconvenienced by commitment. It takes time and sacrifice. If you don’t stay committed to your goals and dreams, then who will? NO ONE! Your commitment rests solely on your shoulders.
Instead of looking at it as a burden, consider it a blessing that you have the opportunity to commit to changing your life and the lives of others through the achievement of your goals and dreams. Commitment will bring out of you what already exists inside of you.
Don’t allow your inner champion to lie dormant anymore! Commit to achieve the next level in your life.images

Attitude #8 – Ignore
You must ignore the “they” crowd that tells you that you can’t change your life, build a successful life, and ultimately achieve your goals and dreams. You must ignore their ignorance and move away from the naysayers.
Just pretend like they don’t exist. Let them know that you don’t value their opinions. If you don’t allow them to influence you, then they will hopefully just go away. Not always, but they are more likely to get away from you if you don’t pay attention to them.
There is no reasoning with someone like that so don’t waste your energy. Just ignore them.

Attitude #9 – Consistency
You must be consistent in every area of your life. When you waiver, the enemy of fear, doubt, and procrastination creeps in. Imagine a weed growing through a crack in the cement.
That’s exactly what the enemy does when you aren’t consistent with your daily actions and decisions.
Commit to being consistent so that there’s no cracks in your foundation for the enemy to attack you.

Attitude #10 – Crazy
Self-Made Millionaires are crazy! They think outside the box, and their big ideas are often criticized. If your goals and dreams aren’t so big that it convinces everyone around you that you are crazy, then they aren’t big enough.
Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy or A LOT crazy! Believe that the impossible is possible for you! Believe that you have the right to achieve your goals and dreams!
Believe that you are worthy of massive success! Now that all sounds crazy to everyone else, but it’s your life and you have the absolute right to achieve all of your goals and dreams. Get crazy!

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John Di Lemme is the founder of Di Lemme Development Group, Inc., a company known for its passion to teach others how to live a champion life despite the label that society may have placed on them. He has changed lives around the globe as an international, elite speaker and has spoken in over five hundred venues.Ai?? Over the past fifteen years, he has shared the stage with the best of the best including Rich Devos, Denis Waitley, Jim Rohn, Dr. John Maxwell, and Les Brown only to name a few.