Terror in The Dark Pool

Stefani K.

Iai??i??m not one to believe in coincidences, especially when they happen in the dark pool.Ai?? That’s because in the dark pool, “Big Prints”, otherwise known as large trades,Ai?? happen for a reason. We donai??i??t always know the reason, but itai??i??s a heads up that something big is going to happen.

I donai??i??t pay for special research, nor do I get any phone calls from the higher ups.Ai?? I donai??i??t need any of that. All we need are the prints. We can easily see the prints from the guys who pay for special research and get those phone calls. There have been many times that we have seen huge buy prints right before a stock comes out with great earnings.

Weai??i??ve also seen large trades before a stock gets taken over.Ai?? Before upgrades, weai??i??ve seen the big guys buying; and before downgrades weai??i??ve seen them selling. It truly is insider trading at its best. These prints, that I will be sharing with you in this article, are the scariest prints we have ever seen. They could be proof that somebody tried to profit off of recent acts of terror.

What if you knew that a horrific act was about to be executed?Ai?? Do terrorists try to prosper financially off their heinous crimes of terror? What would that look like? It just so happens that we spotted something quite disturbing; in fact it was so extraordinary, I had to take pictures of it and tweet it out on social media. Below is my tweet from March 21st, 2016

SK - tweet 1

On March 21st, 2016 we spotted the biggest prints weai??i??ve ever seen on TVIX. 6 million shares were executed at $5.08.Ai?? TVIX is an Exchange Trade Note that tracks short term volatility. When traders fear that a correction is near, they buy protection.Ai?? Some traders will buy the VXX, or UVXY, while others will buy the alternative TVIX.Ai?? TVIX is the most inexpensive one to buy, therefore it is increasingAi??in popularity.Ai?? When the market corrects itself, these ETFai??i??s and ETNai??i??s will go up in price.Ai?? Itai??i??s one way to protect your portfolio during volatile times.Ai?? Some traders will buy these as a means of shorting the market in order to profit off of a big correction.Ai?? TVIX depreciates in value over time, so itai??i??s not something you hold onto for an investment, just short term gains.

Below is a picture of my Charles Schwab block trade indicator where all the big dark pool trades appear. Ai??Circled in red is the huge 6 million share trade we spotted on TVIX.

sk chart 1

That wasnai??i??t the only TVIX print we spotted that day.Ai?? About an hour later at 11:35 AM, we spotted another huge trade.Ai?? This time, it was a 5 million share block. As if that wasnai??i??t enough, around 12:30 PM we spotted an even bigger block trade, 10 million shares printed.Ai?? I had to keep on tweeting, after all these were the biggest prints weai??i??ve ever seen on TVIX. Below are my tweets from that day.

SK - tweet 2

SK - tweet 3

Below is my block trade indicator with all these TVIX prints.

sk chart 2

On drugs online without prescription. March 21st paroxetine no rx, purchase dapoxetine. , TVIX had the highest amount of volume itai??i??s ever had.Ai?? Take a look at the daily chart below. You can see circled in black the volume that day was 62 and a half million shares. The average daily volume for TVIX is around 30 million shares.Ai?? This definitely was a warning sign that fear was coming into the market.

sk chart 3

Unlike stocks, owning TVIX does not give you a share of a corporation.Ai?? There are no sales, no quarterly reports, no profit/loss, no PE ratioai??i??s and no prospect of ever getting dividends.Ai?? This ETN is only purchased in large quantities when something big is about to happen.Ai?? This is why we call it the FEAR index. It just so happens that something very big did happen!

The very next morning, on March 22nd, 2016, three coordinated nail bombings occurred in Belgium: Two at Brussels Airport in Zaventem, and one at Maalbeek metro station in Brussels.Ai?? In these attacks, 31 victims and three suicide bombers, were killed, and 340 people were injured.Ai?? Another bomb was found during a search of the airport.Ai?? Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attacks.Ai?? The bombings were the deadliest act of terrorism in Belgiumai??i??s history.

Coincidentally, on March 27th, just five days later, an explosion in the Pakistani city of Lahore killed at least 50 people and injured dozens more. There is speculation that Christian families out for Easter weekend may have been the target.Ai?? The explosion happened at the main gate to Lahore Park where cars are usually left. Ai??The police told the BBC it appeared to be a suicide bomber.

Coincidence? I donai??i??t think so. Ai??Big prints on fear… followed by two acts of terrorism. This is the darkest pool weai??i??ve ever seen. Ai??Itai??i??s a good thing the market doesnai??i??t scare easily.Ai?? Perhaps there was a bigger act of terrorism that got thwarted.

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Stefanie Kammerman, has trained thousands of students worldwide how to Day Trade and Swing Trade over the past 22 years.Ai?? She is the Founder and Managing Director of The Stock Whisperer Trading Company,Ai??www.thestockwhisperer.comAi??where she runs an online educational trading room called ai???The Java Pitai???.Ai?? Her unique approach of old fashioned trading in a high tech world teaches her students how to trade by reading the tape and following the Dark Pool, which is how she spotted the last 9 corrections weeks before they happened.