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Have you ever wondered how Warren Buffett made his first million?

He started with only $20,000. Nine years later, in spite of three recessions, he was a millionaire.

One of the reasons for Buffett’s success is his access to a little-known loophole … one that helps him pick winning stocks … consistently.

Now, after 20 years of research and 13 years of proof, Dr. Joseph Belmonte ai??i?? author of Buffett and Beyond ai??i?? has developed a portfolio using this loophole. His results are nothing short of amazing …

Even better, Dr. Belmonte did this without trading, options, or risky investments.

Now you can see how this loophole works ai??i?? and how easy it can be to beat Buffett ai??i?? no matter what the market does. The proof is in the data.

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