Which Stock is Better AMEX or MasterCard?

joseph-belmonte.150x205Let’s compare American Express with MasterCard.JB pin

American Express is one of Buffett’s largest holdings.

We think MasterCard should be in your portfolio and not American Express.

Watch this short video presentation to learn why.

Remember, the good stocks should be in your portfolio…the bad stocks should be in someone else’s portfolio…and the ugly stocks should be in no one’s portfolio!

Also remember…if you want to live on the beach like Jimmy Buffett, you’ve got to learn how to invest like Warren Buffett.

Until next time,

Joseph Belmonte

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Dr. Joseph Belmonte, Doctor of Business Administration: with a specialty in finance, is a renowned investment strategist and market thinker. He is also creator of the new Buffett and Beyond Stock Selection course produced by Weiss Educational Services.