Will You be Prepared When Interest Rates Rise?

The Feds say interest rates can’t stay down forever… Is it time to batten down the hatches?

Have you noticed everywhere you look, the news is the same?

Interest rates are going to rise sharply, our economy may slow, and the job market will be hit. When it’s going to happen, no one can say for sure. How bad it will be, we can only guess. But with the interest rate at near zero, there needs to be a change and when it does we’ll all have to tighten our belts considerably.

But is this true for everyone?

For many unfortunately it will be, but for those who are well informed this can be a time of great financial growth.

There are ways the government can help regulate the economy and financial system. This is where the Federal Reserve (the Central Bank of the United States) comes in. Their job is to promote sustainable growth, high levels of employment, and stability of prices to help preserve the purchasing power of the dollar and moderate long-term interest rates.

They do this by either moving the interest rate up or down as required.

Mr Ben Bernanke, former Federal Reserve chairman commented recently:

“A premature increase in interest rates engineered by the Fed would…have likely led after a short time to an economic slowdown and, consequently, lower returns on capital investments. The slowing economy in turn would have forced the Fed to capitulate and reduce market interest rates again.”

What This Means for You…

Fed rate pressure will create extremely attractive bargains, such as those seen in the past. When this happens, timing is everything as you don’t want to buy too early or miss out because you jump in too late.

With any economic change there will be winners and losers. The secret to being a winner in this game is knowledge.

If you have the insider know-how, then you can be smiling all the way to the bank. Without this knowledge you are dead in the water. Another way to get ahead is to be guided by someone in the know.

Introducing Mike Larson

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